Our priority is you

As a company dedicated to people, you are our first priority. Whether you are an officer charged with the investments of your company’s pensions or a family business seeking income preservation, we work to create a relationship with you until we understand what you need and then help you achieve it.


Our strong reputation is the result of the quality we provide to our clients There is no shortcut to integrity.


Our algorithms and development work drive our success, and while we can’t share every piece of code or specialised computer-based decision, we will always share what we are thinking and explain why we advise one asset or action over another.


There are always other ways to approach the market, and those of us at Royal Forex never stop learning, thinking and researching until we believe we have created the best investment approach for you.

Our Values

It doesn’t start with money, or stock or bonds or gold or currencies. It doesn’t start on Wall Street, inside a board room, or on a stock market floor. It starts with you, the people who choose to invest with Royal Forex.


While we value our experience and knowledge, for us at Royal Forex, that isn’t enough. Research is needed to move us forward, to find new approaches and to evaluate specific movement. Finding opportunity requires study and examination, and that is why we are committed to our continued education and the allocation of resources to research.


With an eye to the market and an ear to the news, we dive deep into analytics. We provide our clients with the necessary training. Our Team is working for the best interest of our Clients and we are here to offer you all the information needed to trade.


While we have significant history and experience with the big and older asset classes, sometimes opportunities come from a new asset or new market. It is our responsiveness to changes and updates and our unwavering focus on opportunities that helps us find promising possibilities wherever they exist, and then we pass them on to you and help you create real long-term value.

Building a strong future from us

Finding value and sharing it with our customers, that is our main goal. Building long-term growth isn’t hard, but it requires dedication, know-how, perseverance, and trust. At Royal Forex, we are dedicated to our clients and in helping them build strong futures backed by wealth.
Royal Forex has customers across the spectrum of investors as we know the peace of mind that comes with wealth is not only a hallmark of people with high net worth. But the majority of our investors include people with large portfolios, family businesses, and the officers responsible for pension plans in professional offices and privately held companies. No matter what size your portfolio, if you think Royal Forex is the right investment house for you, we would like to hear from you.

About Royal Forex

With your decision to pursue long-term growth and a vote of confidence in us, plus a shared view on the benefits of long-term investing, we add our understanding and philosophy of the market. And then we research and study and seek out potential areas that are undervalued by other investors. That is our investment strategy: Seek areas that are undervalued, areas that are off the radar, areas that we think are falling when everyone else is marching ahead, and then we add our innovative research techniques to help you get the results you desire.

Boutique approach to boutique client

Royal Forex was created to provide exemplary service to the few, rather than the one-size-fits-all investment approach offered by some of the big investment houses to the many. Our clients benefit from our hands-on approach to investing and appreciate our careful and close commitment to our clients, Since we know no two clients have the same goals, thoughts, needs and tolerance for risk.